Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cosby sweater..

Day sixteen.

Ok so today I'm adding some process shots here, per suggestion. A bunch of little strips of wood.. Cut thin and sanded.

wood veneer.

Wood is then glued and clamped for bit...

After dried, you're left with this mess..

Laminated wood. before trimming.

Cut down, shaped and sanded..

Shaped pendant

Holes for rivets are drilled. Rivets are then glued in and filed flush..

Sand, sand, sand and then sand a bit more.. Voila!

Rivets applied

wood pendant. cosby sweater!

This is made with pieces of laminated veneer cut into veneer. Gives it that Bill Cosby sweater look. I still need to put some finish on it. I have plans to apply Tung oil this evening. This veneer thing is working out pretty sweet.

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